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  New Introductions

Find some interesting featured audio and video files in this section.

They may be not most recent but in my opinion they are at least worth to watch or to listen to.


 Philipp Dittberner & Marv - Wolke 4 

The currently most featured song of my daughter

  Cro vs.  Electric Lady vs. Snap - You and my Traum 

One of the current Mashup Hits!

{mp3}Cro vs Electric Lady Lab vs Snap - You and my Traum{/mp3}

  Klangkarussell - Eistee aus der Dose 

Again one of the minimalistic titles of the band Klangkarussell


  Klangkarussell - Sonnentanz (Sun Don't Shine) 

Although the original track was already pretty popular in the Germanic Region here's a new Version of Klangkarussell's "Sonnentanz" with vocals.

I like it very much - even better than the original Version - and I am sure the song will climb pretty high in the German Single Charts.

  Cro - Whatever 

 Here's a sample of one of summer hits in Germany 2013. Finally it's a bit more upbeat and even with some English phrases! 


   Frida Gold - Liebe ist meine Rebellion

Endlessly copied but nevertheless a favorite song.

It's a really catchy tune - this might be the basics for a top-seller these days.

Altough we can discuss about music here in general the video itself is really cool and contains a lot oft art.

    Alexander Marcus - Papaya

He is a Music Producer from Berlin presenting his first album.

A genre mixture of Folk (German: Folklore) and Electro - therefore the Album's name is Elektrolore. His dancing "style" is somehow interesting (do not stop the video before you have seen the 2nd half) ...

Watch his weird video:

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