Chaos on the "Autobahn"

  Congestion on A96

Certainly one of the main topics of the last few weeks and months is the dramatically increased traffic on one of the heavily used Autobahn A96 to Munich.

Since the completion of the so called Ring West (A99) in 2007, traffic has increased up to 25% on A96.

Especially in the morning this route is over its capacity, as reported in various Internet forums (e.g. Ammersee Page Forum). Munich is a constantly growing city and the number of residents in the suburbean area is predicted to increase, the traffic will also increase in the coming years due to the new district Freiham - Will the traffic find its place on this road?

Nevertheless, the issue has been addressed and examined in an interesting DLR project of possible causes/solutions already.

With the expansion of the highway to six lanes (between junction Oberpfaffenhofen and Germering-Süd, length about nine kilometers), the route will meet the requirements of a highway with a forecast for 2025 daily traffic volume of up to 89,000 cars in 24 Hours, that's what at least professionals say.

Before that, the tunnels (Etterschlag and Eching) need to be upgraded to required new security standards in 2015/2016. Pre-work for this is in progress since 2014 already. It will definitely lead to serious traffic problems due to the changed traffic routes during the tunnel work. Although the experts disagree - if they would drive on this road every (work-)day they'd know that even minor issues can lead to long traffic jams.

Funds are not approved yet, but the expansion apparently will be started in 2017 (see German Article - Source Merkur).

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